Saturday, September 1, 2012


Day 1
Goal: to have at least 9 eggs thaw, and at least 5 of 9 fertilize
Met?: yes!!
Mood: good
Symptoms: tired, crampy
POAS?: no
Want to?: no
Report: God heard my prayers and gave me what I asked for. Embryologist called to tell me that 9 eggs thawed, 5 of them fertilized, and all are looking really good! We are still set for day 5 transfer and he said to be on the safe side we should expect an 80% loss by then... Meaning we will only have one to transfer... But I'm really hoping for two. We had 62.5% of the fresh embies make it to blast, which would be 3 of 5, though I'm not counting on that many coming from the frozen eggs because they just don't do as well. Patrick and I have decided that if we end up with 3 or less to transfer, we want to transfer everything we have. If we have more than 3, we will transfer 2 and hope to refreeze the others. 
I'm so excited by how well things are going! God is good!
On a side note, Patrick went out with one of his good friends last night and had a few too many drinkies. I didn't feel comfortable having him jab me with a giant needle, so I sent his a$$ to bed and decided to do my PIO shot myself. Eep! 
I wanted to stall- I mean build up my nerves- but it was time and I couldn't wait. So I got my shot ready, swabbed the area, twisted around, and stuck. 
It didn't hurt! And it was easy! And it didn't hurt!! 
I think that by doing it myself, I'm watching, so I know when to expect the prick and I don't jump or tense like when somebody else does it. Patrick is really good at giving me shots, but I still tend to tense at the initial jab.
The best part is, since I didn't tense up, I'm not nearly as sore today as I usually am. I might actually be able to stay on the shots this time! We'll have to see what happens tonight, though, because last night I was turning toward my dominant hand so it was easy to reach, but tonight I'll be turning away so it'll be a bit of a stretch. At least I'll have Patrick as back-up.

Thank you, God, for all Your blessings. Please keep my embryos safe and allow them to stay strong and keep growing.

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