Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Day 5
Goal- to have transfer today
Met?- yes!!
Mood- amazing!
Symptoms- headache, tired, some slight cramps that I like to think are the embies snuggling in
POAS?- no
Want to?- ...yes
Report- as you may have deduced from my plural use of "embies" above... We are PUPO with TWINS!!! Eeeeep! Here is the first official photo of our future babies

The doctor said he was very happy with our little embies and that he would even be happy only transferring one, but once I saw the pictures of these two I just had to have them both back. Aaaaaand, the embryologist said we have one more that could be frozen tomorrow! God has really blessed us immensely!
Now that I actually have a chance of being pregnant, I'm already getting the urge to test (crazy, I know) and already looking for excuses to ignore my goal of waiting. Ugh... Damn addictive pee sticks! It's going to be a long nine days.
For now I'm lounging on the couch... With my legs propped up (anything to help)... Cuddling with the dogs, and getting excited over cramps. Patrick has already come over once to rub my belly and I've caught him staring at me with a dreamy smile on his face. It's so effin sweet! We are both extremely excited!!

Thank You, God, for Your great gifts and endless blessings. Please help my babies snuggle into my uterus and stay for nine healthy months.


  1. CONGRATS!!! Eat lots of walnuts and pineapple! sticky vibes and baby dust to you!

  2. Oh goodness! So excited for you!!! Such a cute picture of your babies!!! Sending lots of positive vibes!!

  3. YAY!!!! Find something to make you's supposed to help have positive results....keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers!!! Hope the next 9 days fly by!