Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Day 4
Goal: to be able to sleep on my side with no knots from the PIO
Met?: ....eh...
Mood: chipper
Symptoms: bit tired
POAS?: no
Want to?: no
Report: Fitting that my goal/post today is about PIO. I've been doing the shots myself for the past few days with no incidents and (somewhat) less pain. Last night though, I had a blond moment.
It's been helping to sit on the heating pad for a few minutes before the shot and to put the vial of PIO on the pad with me to warm. But it takes a while to prepare the shot, change the needles, prep my tush, and find the right spot, so last night I decided I was going to be "efficient".
I grabbed the IM instruction sheet and diagram, a sharpie, dropped trou, and made Patrick circle the area for me. Then I drew up the oil, changed the needle, and went to sit on the heating pad with my loaded syringe. All this happened without incident.
I waited for my bum to get nice and warm before heading to the half bath for my shot. I prepped the area (smearing all the sharpie lines... Permanent marker my foot), uncapped the needle, pulled the skin taut, stuck the needle in, slowly began pushing the plunger... And notice the huge air bubble I had forgotten to get rid of.
So I had to stick myself again. 
I couldn't believe it. I didn't even tell Patrick because I know exactly what his response is going to be. He is going to close his eyes and shake his head in utter exasperation, then say, "This is why you should let me give you the shots."
Don't get me wrong, I've said before that Patrick is great at giving the shots and I meant it, but doing them myself has helped my anxiety towards them. And like I said, since I'm watching and not tensing when the needle goes in, I haven't been as sore.
So as far as having met my goal... Eh. I am still able to walk with little to no pain and I have been able to sleep on my sides, though it does hurt a bit. It's not nearly as bad as last time, but I am very tender. My whole butt feels bruised and it's painful to sit or cross my legs. There are no knots, which is a good thing. We'll see how this continues.
Buuuuut... Transfer is tomorrow!!!!!! It's a bit surreal that it's here and everything has gone so well. I haven't heard from the clinic today... Which I'm taking as a good sign... But I really wish I knew how my babies are doing. I'm going to have a hard time sleeping tonight!

Please, God, keep my embryos strong and growing.


  1. EVERYTHING IS CROSSED FOR YOU!!! Saying some prayers for your embies and you for tomorrow! Get some walnuts and pineapple and lots of resting up! HUGS!

  2. I am do excited for you!! I will be sending lots of prayers your way and can't wait to hear the recap!!