Sunday, September 9, 2012


Day 9- 4dp5dt
Goal- to do/try three new things
Met?- somewhat
Mood- good
Symptoms- very tired, a few slight cramps, slight nausea, hungry
POAS?- no
Want to?- yes!
Report- what a coincidence that this is my goal today. This morning, in church, we began a new worship series. With the series comes a daily prayer/devotional booklet. The exciting thing is that Patrick has agreed to follow and participate in the daily devotionals in the booklet! He struggles with religion, so this is a huge step! The devotionals started today, so it is New Thing #1.
New Thing #2 is a bit of a cop-out. I really wanted to try a new recipe or ingredient today, but I have been so tired I couldn't gather the energy to be creative or adventurous. My mom told me about a simple, good marinade for pork chops- its literally just salt, pepper, soy sauce, and olive oil- so I tried it for the first time today. I know it doesn't sound like anything special, but it's really good on the grill, and I hadn't used it before so I guess it counts.
New Thing #3 I'm also really excited about! Mom and I had our first Sewing Sunday! She got me a sewing machine months ago and we have been meaning to start sewing lessons but just haven't gotten around to it. Today was my first lesson. Mom is altering a wedding dress for a lady she works with, so she couldn't give me a really in-depth lesson, but she showed me how to thread the machine, how to work the pedal and the reverse, explained what the knobs did, then handed me some scrap fabric for me to test the different stitches on. I played around with each setting and stitch and she explained what stitch to use for what type of garment/fabric and why. After that she had me practice hemming/seaming so I could get a feel for how to feed the machine and keep it a straight line, and then I practiced how to do button holes... So simple a concept, so fun to do!... For me at least.
All in all I'm proud of my accomplishments today.

I've also been having, what I consider (hope) to be, a weird pregnancy sign.
First, some back-story. Before Patrick and I moved in together I lived by myself and decided to get a dog to keep me company. I ended up with Foxy, a 5 pound Pomeranian made of attitude, fluff, and apparently steel. Foxy has earned the nickname "daredevil dog" because she has fallen off a one story balcony onto a stone porch only to scratch her lip, has nearly been run over by numerous golf carts because she loves the golfers and won't get off the path, run headlong into a puddle that was deeper than she was tall, eaten an entire milk chocolate Easter bunny (she probably had help), set her ass hair ablaze by jumping onto a table and running past a lit candle, and picked a fight with a 150 pound dog that got too close. Nobody fucks with Foxy!
Foxy and Rudy always got along great because he wouldn't mess with her, but when we got the puppies they really overwhelmed her. After everything Foxy has done to herself, her only health issue is having bad knees, which is due to a genetic/breeding thing and she's had them all her life. When the puppies came they wanted to play with her, but they were too rough and really aggravated her knee problems. So, after years of trying to steal Foxy from me, my mom took Foxy, who couldn't be happier!
Back to my original point. Foxy loves me and is always excited when I come over, but she has always been OBSESSED with my mom. The two are pretty much joined at the hip. But for the past two days, Foxy will not leave my side! She has been cuddling and on my lap every chance she gets. And she has to curl up right against me. Even my mom said, "she's obsessed with you. It's like she wants to protect those babies."
I know it probably sounds a bit hokey, but it is my first "sign" that I can't blame on the progesterone or discount as someone saying something because they know what's going on.
So I think I might just go ahead and test tomorrow. I'm nervous, and I may just chicken out, but I'm hopeful.
Wish me luck!

Please, God, keep my babies strong and growing in my uterus.

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  1. Dogs are really weird when it comes to pregnancy....I would take it as a good sign too!!! Wishing you tons of luck & praying for you!