Thursday, September 6, 2012


Day 6- 1dp5dt
Goal- to be happy/hopeful for this cycle
Met?- yes
Mood- great
Symptoms- crampy
POAS?- no
Want to?- not really
Report- I'm happy today. Totally, incomparably happy. I have so much hope and excitement for this cycle! I know that I might regret it next Friday if we get bad news, but for now I like thinking that it's going to work. This is the furthest we've gotten! 
I also got news today that my third little embie made it to the freeze. That makes 6 little tot-cicles waiting for us... How great is that? 
This is the most at-ease I've felt with our fertility journey in the entire four years and half years that we've been trying. 
God is good.

Thank You, God, for continuing to bless us. Please keep my embryos strong and snuggled into my uterus.

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  1. keeping you in my thoughts and prayers....I kind of feel the same at ease with this cycle so far...that could change the closer I get to transfer, but for laid back!

    Keep up the good work on your plan....