Monday, October 24, 2011

A Walking Pin-Cushion...

...but a happy one! I went in for my second checkup on the Follistim today. Last Friday I went in for the first and I had 2-3 follicles on my right side, and one on my left, all measuring between 4.5-5.1mm and my E2 had gone up to 65. I figured it was a good start and the doctor must have agreed because he kept my dose at 50IU.
I really wanted to go up. Good start aside, I know from my previous cycles that not all those little follies are going to mature and I want as many as possible... well, no... no more than 5. Actually 4. Even the chance of having 5 babies at once gives me anxiety. But I digress.
I was a little unhappy about staying on the low dose, but I did as I was told.
Today I went back to see what had changed. A lot, apperantly. I now have 3-4 follies on each side! They all measure between 5.3-7.5, with the ones on my left being slightly bigger. My E2 is rising steadily, up to 92, so my Dr. is still going to keep me at the same dose. I feel better about that dose now. Had it been higher, I can only imagine how many follicles I would have produced!... probably too many to continue the cycle had they kept growing.
It just goes to show... just because I have WebMD and read every fertility forum I can find, I'm still NOT a doctor and I need to trust that mine knows what is best for me. Even though I think I know everything, I very obviously don't.
Lesson learned.
I really just hope that my little follicles keep growing and maturing. And that they do it quickly. I'm starting to feel like a pin-cushion. My last two shots bruised, last night's more than the others, and my poor tummy is pretty tender. I feel like I'm collecting puncture wounds and blue spots... and that's not even mentioning my arms! I look like a freakin heroin addict with all the needle marks from my 3X weekly blood draws. I have to go back Wednesday AND Thursday and I'm dreading having to be stuck again. My veins are already so bruised, it hurts when they stick me.
But its all for baby!
Today is also the first day that I'm noticing that my ovaries feel very heavy/full. It feels almost like a period cramp, just in the wrong spot... like a dull ache. I know its a good sign that my follies are growing so I won't mind when it gets worse as they get bigger.
The only other... side effect?... I'm having is that I'm on a bit of a short trigger, but that might be from being on my period, as its gotten better as my flow slowed.
Overall, I've been in a pretty good mood, dotted with some irritability and some very happy moments as I think about being one step closer to getting my positive.
Grow follies, grow!!!!

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