Thursday, October 20, 2011

Just a Little Prick

Well, I started my Follistim on Tuesday! I'm actually REALLY excited about this cycle. I know I shouldn't get my hopes up, especially this early, but I'm excited.
Tuesday's B/W came back with my lowest hormone levels ever... my E2 was below 20! The U/S looked great-- though it took them a while of staring at the screen in confusion before I reminded them that the upper portion of my left tube that was cut is still attached to my ovary and is filled with fluid. They only see me at least once a week, you'd think they would remember by now. Oh well.
They told me they would call me with results and that I would probably start my shots in two day. I was a little surprised when they called later and told me to go ahead and start the Follistim at 50IU and come back on Friday. I was also a little disappointed that we would only be starting at 50IU instead of 75 like the nurse had told me they usually start at. I know I'm younger and they don't want to overstimulate my ovaries, but I only have one tube and I do NOT want to waste the time, medicine, or money by not having any/enough follicles on my right side. Yes, yes... it only takes one... but I want to have the best possible chance to get my positive this month! I'm hoping for 3-4 follies on my right side. Since we are only doing timed intercourse and not IUI, my chances of having that many fertilized are low. My doctor told me that I would only have a 5-15% chance of conceiving with the injectables... let's do what we can to improve those odds!
But I'm ranting.
That night, I got my meds out of the fridge and put them on the counter to warm up a bit-- I heard that the cold meds can sting a bit and its best to let them come up to room temp. After dinner, I took the medicine, grabbed my pen, needles, and alcohol swabs, laid it all out by the computer and pulled up the Follistim instruction video on YouTube. I knew what to do, but I wanted to make SURE I did it right. So...
Assembled medicine and pen...
Attach needle...
Swab injection area with alcohol...
Pinch area...
Little prick, barely felt a thing...
Oh crap. I'm holding the pen too close to the middle to get my thumb to the plunger. My other hand is pinching the area and there is a needle in my stomach so there will be no shuffling up the pen. Obviously didn't think this one through too well.
I stood there for a moment, trying to decide if I should just try again, but I really want to keep the number of puncture wounds on my body to a minimum, so I just unpinched and pushed the plunger with the other hand.
After, I cleaned up my makeshift medical area, put the pen in the fridge, and plopped down on the couch. Patrick asked me how it was and I told him fine. I didn't mention my blond moment with the plunger.
The rest of the evening I SWEAR I felt little tinges in my ovary, like the medicine was stimulating it. I really am amazed at the things we can convince ourselves of.
Day 2-
I worked late so I called Patrick on the way home to tell him to take my pen out of the fridge. He was in charge of dinner, but had yet to make anything, which worried me as we are suppose to be eating healthy and at 8pm, if dinner isn't made, we usually pick it up.
Got home to Chinese take-out... grrrrr... but at least he took the pen out like I asked.
This shot went much smoother. Having learned from the previous night, I positioned my hand closer to the top, pinched my belly, little prick, pushed the plunger, and done. Didn't even bleed.
I haven't had any bruising or redness from the shots, but my injection site from last night is a little tender today. Nothing bad, I can just tell I had shot there. I've also not had any side effects yet from the medicine, which I am pretty happy about. Usually, if the drug info lists it, I'm gonna get it, so this is nice.
I have been charting again and my temps, which were up from the birth control, finally started coming down this morning, followed late morning by the beginnings of AF. I took my last birth control pill Sunday night and I skipped Monday night's since I was going to the doctor the next day, so I have been expecting to start any day. I doubt its going to be a long or heavy period since its only been two weeks since my last one, and the nurse that did my U/S said my lining was pretty thin already from the birth control.
Now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that we continue with the smooth sailing and sail right into a smooth pregnancy! Positive thoughts, right!

And to top it off, we have had some BEAUTIFUL weather in Houston the past few days (besides being a little windy here and there)... so all and all, I'm feeling downright chipper!

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