Thursday, October 4, 2012

Welcome To Pukey Town

Who-ever decided to name "morning sickness" should be kicked in the shins. The name is misleading and offers a false hope for relief.
This is not just limited to the morning... it lasts all day.
I had been somewhat nauseous right around the time I first got my BFP, but I'm thinking that was more related to the low blood sugar attacks I sometimes get when I don't eat like I should. Once I started eating better, the nausea went away. Then, last Thursday, as I was reaching to turn off the water in the shower, this wave of nausea came over me and all I could do was think "Oh no!", grab a towel, and try not to bust ass as I lunged for the toilet.
That nausea has been with me ever since. And nothing I do really seems to help it. If I don't eat, I just get hunger nausea on top of the other nausea, and if I do eat, the food just feels like its sitting in my stomach until it makes me sick. About the only thing that doesn't make me feel sick is fruit, but that doesn't do much about my hunger.
Thank goodness I had an appointment with my OB today and he has prescribed me some Zofran so we'll see how that works. I would have preferred to find a natural remedy, but at this point I just need to EAT!
I do keep reminding myself that the morning sickness is a good sign, and, honestly, I will take this times a billion to have healthy babies.

On a positive note, we got to hear the heartbeats this week!! It was the most amazing thing! Baby A is measuring great, Baby B is about 2 days behind, but both had heart rates of 119bpm on Tuesday, which is awesome. At today's ultrasound, B was still measuring two days behind, with a heart rate of 122, and A had a heart rate of 139, still perfect for where they are.
Baby B's sac looks a lot smaller than A's, which sort of worried us a bit. The technician and doctor assured us that everything looked great and, since B is further from the cervix, it might just be a bit more difficult to get a good picture of him/her.
Speaking of him or her... I have had a feeling from the beginning that we have a boy and a girl. My mom feels the same way and some of my friends have also mentioned it. Patrick says its two boys... but I figured that was more just wishful thinking on his part. At the OB appointment today, my doctor said he's putting his money on two boys (I'm guessing he's going by the heart rates). Now I don't know what to think!

Today's appointment proved informative in a lot of ways!
We went over the list of all the things I can't do or eat. All the tests they recommend and how often I'll be seen. How much weight I should gain... 35lbs if anyone's wondering, which actually surprised me because it seems like not very much for twins and I'm starting out at 118.
My OB also told me that I have a zero percent chance at a vaginal delivery, and that there is only one doctor in the area that he knows of that will even attempt a vaginal with twins. He says the risk of something happening is much too high and he prefers for everyone to be safe... so C-section it is.
My due date is May 24, but my "goal date" is May 3 (37 weeks). I'm also not going to be allowed to work past 28 weeks and will probably go on modified bed-rest at that point. Since I'm a hairdresser, he said he might have me stop working as early as 20 weeks, depending on how big I'm getting and how my cervix is holding up.
All this information was a bit unexpected to me, and it really made me think about how drastically everything is going to change... and how SOON! I could potentially need to stop working in three months! It was a little overwhelming.
Twenty weeks will put me at the end of December, which is my busiest time of year, so I'll probably be ready to quit by then! At least it will give me plenty of time to get ready for the twins.

Thank You, God, for the wonderful gifts You have given us. Please keep my babies strong, healthy, and growing inside my uterus until May.


  1. Hope you feel better soon! Good luck with twins...hope you have a happy healthy pregnancy!

  2. So happy to hear the twinkies are doing well!!! Sorry about the morning sickness. No fun!!