Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Working on a Christmas Miracle

So I know I haven't written in a while... holiday craziness, working, Dr. appointments, and house stuff has kept me away. This cycle has been another screwy one.
After my week of birth control, my cyst was still there but my hormones were back to baseline so my RE let me start the Follistim... at 50IU. I was very disappointed. After four days of stims I went in for my first checkup and I had two 8-9mm follies on my right side, and one 8mm on my left. The cyst appeared to be gone, but my E2 had shot up from 28 to 350, so the Dr lowered my dose slightly. Two days later, I had FOUR follies between 8-12mm on my right, two 8mm on my left, and the cyst was back at 18mm... E2 down to 348, so he kept me at the lower dose. Two days later, I had two 10mm and one 13mm follies on the right, one 8.5mm on the left, cyst seemed much smaller, E2 179. They raised my dose for the weekend to the highest I've taken yet, hoping that the little ones would catch up to the bigger. Yesterday, I had two at 7.5, one at 10, and one at 16mm on the right, one at 12mm on the left that they are thinking is that cyst popping back up, and my E2 has shot up to 717, so they kept my dose the same, and wanted my to come back this morning. My poor, bruised veins! Well, this morning the lead follie on the right is up to 17.5mm and all those other little ones are gone. My left side has all of a sudden blossomed with a bunch of small ones... the tech measured like 4 or 5 that were between 7-10mm, and that 12mm possible cyst is still there and at the same size.
I don't know what is going on with my body. With the exception of that lead follicle (thank goodness its on the good side this month) any promising follie that has popped up has been gone by the next appointment. Even my cyst has come and gone. Crazy ovaries!
I'm trying to stay positive and remind myself that "it only takes one" but I can't help but be a little upset. The injectables are SO much more expensive and I was getting one follicle with the Femara that was only costing me a couple dollars in co-pay! I really feel like it was the drop in my dose that caused all the other follicles to fall behind and not be able to catch up, because prior to that, all my follies had been really close in size.
Oh well. My lining is excellent, I'm going to ovulate from the right side, and I'm going to think positive thoughts!
Right now I'm waiting to hear whether I get to trigger tonight, or whether the RE wants me to do one more night of stims and go back tomorrow. I'm assuming I'll get to trigger since there is nothing else close to being ready. If I trigger tonight or tomorrow, I'll ovulate Thursday or Friday, meaning I can reliably test a few days before Christmas. It would be SO WONDERFUL to get my BFP for Christmas!!!! That would also put my due date at the very end of August, just a couple weeks before my birthday. A double whammy present... pregnancy for Christmas, baby for my birthday! Oh, I hope it happens!

Please, God, let this be the cycle that makes me a mom!

Edit- just heard from the RE's office... E2 is up to 818, RE thinks there might be a 12mm follie "hiding" behind my dominant one on the right. He is very positive about this cycle (YAY!), wants me to do one more night of stims and go back tomorrow (boooo) and probably trigger Thursday AM (YAY!) Grow, hiding follie, GROW!!!

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