Friday, May 11, 2012

Wishing My Time Away

May 29th! That is the magical day that my embies are coming home to mama!
I never really understood how someone can forget to take their infertility meds, because when I was doing my IVF cycle, I was so friggin excited that I would watch the clock, waiting for time to take my shots. Now, I understand. This FET cycle is so boring and uneventful, there have been a few nights where I have been in bed, only to suddenly remember, "my Lupron!" I've had to set a reminder so that I don't forget.
I am, once again, very happy to finally be off the birth control, and now that I'm starting Estrace, it finally feels like we are moving along. Ultrasound yesterday showed a nice, thin lining and no cysts, and my estrogen level was below 30 so everything is looking great. My next checkup is in two weeks, on the 23rd, and if everything looks good I'll start my progesterone shots that night for my transfer on the 29th!
I'm getting sooooo excited. I really try not to wish my time away, but I wish it was happening tomorrow. I just want transfer day to get here already! It feels like it has been so long since my retrieval and I'm getting antsy. We have a very busy May, so I know it'll be here before I know it but it just can't get here fast enough!
My little sister is graduating from college tomorrow and I am so proud of her! Patrick and I are driving up to Dallas early tomorrow morning for the graduation and to meet my family for her party. Timing is pretty awesome because we just found out this last week that my doctor and embryologist have decided to use my frozen eggs this cycle instead of my frozen day 1 embies, and the embryologist needs another "sample" from Patrick to fertilize the rest of my eggs. He needs the sample on the 24th, but Patrick is going to be on a business trip in Florida that day so that's not going to be possible. Luckily, he said that he would be freezing the sample, so Patrick can really go at any time before then, and since we're going to be there tomorrow anyways.....
Good thing we found this out this week because, like I mentioned, we have a lot going on this month and we don't have much flexibility and wiggle room in our calendar. The week before transfer is going to be so crazy, I'll be lucky to find time to breathe! Patrick will be out of town May 22-24, our wedding anniversary is the 25th, we leave the 26th to go to Austin for a wedding on the 28th (why anybody would have a wedding on a Monday night at 7:30 when most of their guests are coming from out of town is totally beyond me, but I get to have a romantic anniversary weekend in Austin so I don't mind) and then we have to rush from Austin to Dallas first thing the next morning for my (hopefully afternoon) transfer, then back home that evening!
Whew! I'm winded just from writing it down! In between the events, we are also looking for a new house, applying for financing, my sister has a birthday, Patrick's brother has a birthday, I have a new suite-mate starting at work, and Patrick just got a promotion so he has added responsibility at work also. I don't know if we could have thrown an extra Dallas trip into the mix without upsetting the balance we have going.
On another positive note, my pity party is over and yet to return. I'm feeling more and more positive about this cycle the closer it gets to transfer day. My mood improves every day, with a DRAMATIC improvement once I stopped those evil little pills.
I must say, I'm glad that I'm taking the Estrace orally as opposed to doing the estrogen patches or, worse, taking the Estrace vaginally. A lady on the forums who was taking it vaginally referred to it as being "a smurfy mess down there" and once I filled the prescription, I can understand how that would happen. Those pills are small and trying to maneuver those little buggers up there would be a pain. Not to mention, why do they add coloring to anything that has the option to be used as a suppository? And blue? Really? Gross. I don't want anything to do with smurf-colored lady parts. That's all I'll say about that.
I can't wait to see how many of my remaining 11 eggs fertilize! We'll be doing a day 5 transfer and I hope we have a good number that make it to blastocyst. Depending on how many make it, and how good they look, we will transfer one or two. I'm really leaning towards only transferring one and I think that will probably be what my RE recommends because the clinic really prefers to do single embryo transfers, but if we only have two that make it blast, or if they're not looking very good, I'll transfer two. BUT NO MORE! I am so terrified of getting pregnant with more than two babies at once. If it happens, I will welcome and love my babies, but a high-order multiple pregnancy is one of my biggest fears going into this and I will do what is in my power to prevent it.
Anyways, Mother's Day is on Sunday and I have three wonderful moms (my mom, mother-in-law, and stepmother-in-law) that I'm so thankful to have in my life. And to all the moms out there: I hope you all have a blessed, wonderful day!
Its crazy to think that this time next year I might very well be a mom myself!

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